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Delete until signature in vim

It has been bugging me for a while. When responding to an email, you often want to delete all the content (or part of the previous content) until the end of the email's body. However it would be nice ...

VIM PEPA syntax

For everyone interested in PEPA (Performance Evaluation Process Algbra) I created a small syntax plugin that will colorize syntax of any PEPA model in VIM. The plugin is hosted on github here.

Here is how it looks:

pepa vim plugin in action

Highlight lines over 79

If you want to stick to PEP8 speccification of Python syntax, you should stick to 79 line length. It is very easy to forget to follow that rule, fortunatelly vim can help you. There are many nice solution to inform ...

Toggle cursorline and cursorcolumn function in VIM

It is often very comfortable to see where your cursor in VIM is. To achieve that you can use cursorcolumn and cursorline to highlight the row and the column in which you are currently present with your cursor. Below is ...

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